Writing a portfolio sample

You create a writing portfolio on their site. When a publisher or company tells the content marketplace they need a writer, the content marketplace sifts through its talent pool.

Writing a portfolio sample

Why in the world does Carleton want me to prepare a portfolio of my writing from courses? A better answer is contained in this thought experiment: Imagine that you are competing for something you really want—maybe a job, an internship, a scholarship, a promotion, a trip around the world—and as part of the application, you have to submit something you have written, a single sample of your best work.

Think about what you would choose. Now think about what that particular sample says about you.

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How does it show your strengths? What does it leave out? Now imagine that you are allowed to add one more piece to the sample. How does that second piece complement the first? Does it strengthen your case? Would a third piece add even more? If you imagine a reader reviewing your materials, what examples of your work would be most effective in representing you—one piece?

What variety does a reader need to evaluate your writing in connection with the larger goal you seek? As you can see, a range of written work reveals much more about your writing than a single example.

The writing portfolio is deliberately positioned at the sixth term, the point where students declare a major and prepare for methods courses, junior colloquia, senior seminars, and comps. The Carleton faculty want all students to be confident that they have the writing experience to be successful in the major.

How did Carleton come up with a sophomore portfolio? Students could submit the paper that got the best grade in any course.

Other Examples

Students could choose the paper that they think was most successful. Students could collect all the papers from one WR course. All students could take a writing exam at a specific date. The first two of these choices invite the same problems you saw in the story above: The third option resembles what Carleton students did for many years—the work in one course was assessed for writing proficiency by the instructor of that course.

Over time, students told us that they were frustrated by this method. The fourth option makes little sense in an environment where writing is valued as a means of learning rather than a de-contextualized exercise. Besides, we feared that students would revolt, and we sympathized.

Inthe College received a grant to explore new ways to assess student writing. Faculty held workshops, invited speakers from other schools who were national experts on writing assessment, and examined several assessment methods.

With the generous cooperation of volunteers from the class offaculty read pilot portfolios in the summer ofand all students who entered in or later have been required to submit a portfolio. Every June, about 35 readers gather shortly after Commencement to read portfolios from the class that just completed the sixth term.

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writing a portfolio sample

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