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One particular case of efficiency is the ability to generate code whenever possible, in order to automate repetitive and no-brain-required tasks. Although painful to be read by humans, WSDL has one awesome usage: It supports generating client code in the following scenarios: The documentation is very good and pretty extensive, but the following video is a good place to start:

Write api client forum

I have done about tests sending parameters to Thingspeak platform like temperature, humidity, etc. In order to resolve this problem, I have developed a very simple data logger to log every response code returned by the ThingSpeak server.

According to the results logged, I can see that the server sometimes returns a "" code, a "0" code, and sometimes returns "1" code. In all these cases, the request has been stored in the database and plotted in the corresponding chart.

The problem is that sometimes the code returned by the server is a "0 code", or " code", and the request is lost, and is not showed in my channel. I don't understand what is the meaning of some codes. For example, every time I received the code or 1, the request is successful stored, but when I receive a "0 code", sometimes very few times the request is not stored.

At the moment I'm working with only with four devices, but in the future I will work with 22 devices, so this error rate can increase, so this can supose a very serious problem for me.

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This is the part of code where I send data to the server and receive the corresponding code:To illustrate a multi-table batch write, it adds an item to both the Forum and Thread tables and deletes and item from the Thread table. If you followed the steps in Creating Tables and Loading Sample Data, you already have the ProductCatalog, Forum and Thread tables created.

Aug 22,  · Discussions on building and consuming HTTP services using schwenkreis.com Web API. Aug 22,  · Discussions on building and consuming HTTP services using schwenkreis.com Web API. You can use this API to work with API clients for Zendesk Chat.

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Allowed scopes for this client. Only supports read/write agent_id integer yes no The ID of the agent who created the client create_date date Join our developer portal and get answers directly from our team and partners on our Q&A Forum!

Write Your First Client Application To create a basic client application using the Search Console URL Testing Tools API, follow the steps in this tutorial.

Prerequisites: Get an account, learn about Search Console, create a project in the Google API Console, and learn a bit about REST and JSON.

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Hi, well this is the documentation for the OpenSensors API I wish to call. I have an accoun there and a x-api-key. (schwenkreis.com)Thanks for your help!

write api client forum
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