Voting id law in texas

Background[ edit ] Congress enacted the Voting Rights Act of to address entrenched racial discrimination in voting, "an insidious and pervasive evil which had been perpetuated in certain parts of our country through unremitting and ingenious defiance of the Constitution. The formula covers jurisdictions that, as of NovemberNovemberor Novembermaintained a prohibited "test or device" as a condition of registering to vote or voting and had a voting-age population of which less than 50 percent either were registered to vote or actually voted in that year's presidential election. United States[10] City of Rome v. United States[11] and Lopez v.

Voting id law in texas

Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry criticized the decision, saying he was obligated to ensure the integrity of elections. It was the second state voter identification law blocked by the Obama administration, which earlier prevented a strict new law in South Carolina from taking effect.

South Carolina then sued in federal court seeking approval of its law. Under the landmark Voting Rights Act, certain states like Texas must seek approval from the Justice Department or the federal courts for changes made to state voting laws and boundaries for voting districts.

Texas in January also sued to get approval for its voter identification law.

Voter Identification Requirements | Voter ID Laws

Several Republican-governed states, including Texas, Kansas and Wisconsin, have adopted stricter new voter identification laws, arguing they were needed to prevent ballot box fraud.

Some civil rights groups have said the new laws threatened to suppress minority voters. Democrats have also said they were aimed at squeezing out university students from the polling booths and seniors who tended to vote for Democrats.

Voting id law in texas

The Justice Department said that potential voters in Texas would require two other identification documents to get a certificate allowing them to vote, which could lead to them paying high fees for copies of legal documents such as birth certificates.

Efforts to educate voters about the new identification requirements were also incomplete and the state did not submit evidence of voter impersonation not already addressed under existing state laws, the administration said.

US Appeals Court Upholds Texas Law in Another Big Voter ID Ruling

Senator John Cornyn, a Texas Republican. The Texas lawsuit for approval of the voter identification law is: State of Texas v. District Court for the District of Columbia, No.

Voting id law in texas

Editing by Eric Walsh and Paul Simao.Mar 12,  · In January, Texas officials sued U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, seeking a court judgment that the state's recently enacted voter ID law was not discriminatory in purpose or effect. The NAACP, which was one of the plaintiffs in the recent case upholding the Texas voter ID law, was successful getting a stricter voter ID law overturned leading to the new “softer” law in place.

Texas Voter ID Ruling Offers Stinging Rebuke to Law's Backers An election official checks a voter's photo identification at an early voting polling site in Austin, Texas on Feb.

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26, On August 10, , identification requirements for voting in Texas changed. For information regarding required identification for voting in person please visit the Texas Secretary of State.

One form of identification that can be used for voting purposes is an Election Identification Certificate (EIC). Voter ID laws in the United States is a law that requires U.S.

citizens to have a special form of identification in order to vote in an election. The idea with Voter ID laws is that the state must make sure that the laws do not pose any sort of burden on the voters. These laws have been proposed in order to stop voting fraud. Texas Voting. Military and Overseas Voter Services Answers to questions on election law and procedures may be obtained by telephoning the Elections Division toll-free at VOTE () or direct at These voters’ names are flagged on the official voter registration list with the annotation of “ID.” The “ID.

Texas Voter ID Law Gets the Go-Ahead