The five forces model for textiles industry

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The five forces model for textiles industry

Strategic Management Assignment help on: There are several academic models that are framed for assisting the firms for analysing the marketing condition and situation both at the micro and at the macro level. The essay analyses the importance of academic models for managers in terms of facing challenges and making decisions.

Reasons for why models are so commonly used in strategic management In the current business scenario it can be seen that the society is evolving rapidly. There are drastic changes in the lifestyles and habits of people in all around the world, as seen 50 years ago.

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People and businesses are highly influenced by the rapid changes in the technologies. So, strategic management represents that creative part of management that results into the creative thinking.

The five forces model for textiles industry

Strategic management is associated with the aims and directions of the organizations which they adopt in order to face the competition. Strategic management takes into account the choice, analysis and implementation of the elements which are termed as the strategic models.

There are several varieties of models associated with the strategic management which aids the managers in facing challenges and taking decisions Kossowski Managers at the top level are mostly faced with several challenges, and this challenge can be the success of some new item or product, the utilization or implementation of new technology or decision related to the adoption of new materials or aspects related to the growth of new products and services.

Each firm can have different objectives, this can be to generate increased profits or develop market share and so on. In order to attain these different objectives the managers needs to take several vital decisions which are mostly influenced by the models adopted at the strategic management level Narayan In this era of internationalization organizations and companies and their managers are faced with the more and more complex challenges like international competition, new emerging markets, technological improvements, economic and political changes and so on.

For the purpose of facing such problems and challenges the managers and organizations need to use the models related to strategic management and gather potential information which aids them in effective decision making.

Models are also commonly used because the strategic management decisions needs to be highly successful otherwise they may lead to failures and losses and may also affect the organizations in terms of their reputations and long term profitability Harding, Harding and Long Strategic management models can be said to be as the mode of the strategic management.

The five forces model for textiles industry

As per the strategic models several steps needs to be taken in order to attain the organizational objectives, and different models are adopted by different organizations as per their convenience and usability.

So it can be said that the strategic models are commonly used in the strategic management in order to take appropriate decisions which will make the organization to attain its goals Orcullo Factors explaining how models help senior managers deal with the challenges facing them There are several factors that can help to explain how the models in the strategic management help the managers in facing challenges.

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There are several goals of the models and each model has a different goal to provide specific information to the managers when used in some specific business condition.

The factors have been explained below: The main goal of the strategic models is to provide framework to the business which helps in improving the performance of the business. Models are commonly used in the strategic management because they help the managers by providing several important information and data external and internal which helps them to analyze and think more strategically and face challenges in an effective and efficient manner.

Looking at the external point of view the organizations can use the PESTEL framework model, as this helps the organization in analyzing the external environmental factors associated with the organization and its environment Davenport, Leibold and Voelpel porter five forces analysis on textile industry 1.

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Solutions for Chapter 2 Problem 9PS. Problem 9PS: Perform a five forces analysis on the following two industries:The Pharmaceutical IndustryThe pharmaceutical industry consists of firms that develop, patent, and distribute drugs.

Although this industry does not have significant production economies, it does have important economies in research and development. The Working Group on Textiles & Jute Industry for the 11th Five Year Plan () has studied the major problems being faced by the textile industry.

POLITICAL FACTORS The management of business enterprises and their policies are considerably influenced by the existing political systems.

This is a five forces analysis of the fashion retail industry based on the Porter’s five forces model. Bargaining power of customers: Individual customers may have very little bargaining power in the fashion retail industry.

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