Request for proposal on inventory control system

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Request for proposal on inventory control system

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Inventory system also provides the customers with accurate information, letting them know when items are out of stock, back —ordered, or pre-orderable.

Request for proposal on inventory control system

Modern inventory control systems often rely upon barcodes and radio-frequency identification RFID tags to provide automatic identification of inventory objects. Inventory objects could include any kind of physical asset: To record an inventory transaction, the system uses a barcode scanner or RFID reader to automatically identify the inventory object, and then collects additional information from the operators via fixed terminals workstationsor mobile computers.

In consideration to these facts this project is meant to design Inventory management system for Vonall com plc. Existing system Existing system of Vonall com plc is developed using Microsoft Excel it only has one function. The excel worksheet can accessed by any staff in the Vonall com company and modification can be done easily.

The customer places an order and receives the product just from the stock.

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This system allows the staffs to manage what products are currently in stock and where they are located. Furthermore, users are able to find products by name or model number.

The existing system provides text-based interface, which is not as user-friendly as Graphical user Interface. Since the system is implemented in Manual, so the response is very slow. The transactions are executed in off-line mode, hence on-line data capture and modification is not possible.

Problem statement Existing system, system auto trigger on working standard expired date is not able to retrieve data from multiple excel worksheet. This means that all data must enter in the same excel worksheet.

This is due to excel does not allow a blank row occurs in between data.

Request for Proposals Parts & Inventory Management System | The Philadelphia Parking Authority

It means that when a blank row occurs in between of data, the Calculate button which used to calculate the remaining days current date minus expired date is not able to function properly. In other words, the data after the blank row will not get the correct remaining days existing system easily accessed by anyone in the company.

The excel worksheet can be accessed by any staff in the company and modification can be done easily. It is located in a sharing drive, which means that everyone is allow to search, update, and delete the data.

It will provide critical information about the condition of products. When integrated with order entry, on hand quantities in Inventory management are automatically updated when entered orders and invoices.


The system is able to generate report of inventory which is located in database for users. This module focus on generate data and able to be print out by users. To provide simple user interface for specific users such as specialist engineers to access the data 2.

This document will be delivered on the due date. Tools The software will be programmed in Java The software program needs to store large amounts of data Generic databases MY SQL 4 Schedule In the chart which is stated below, we try to describe the estimated date of all the work we are going to do for our project.VARStreet: Large and small business VARs need to use a sales management platform that includes an ecommerce, CRM, sales quoting software, and sourcing & procurement to increase their revenue.

Request for Proposal – FRC® Control System 1. Contents 2. The current control system, to be used through the season, is based on Ethernet inventory, host a store front, and process orders in a timely manner (shipping within, at most, two days of a placed order).

REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL Archives and Records Management Public Records Inventory Continuation, vendor for a total document management system.

This vendor will be responsible for the pickup, purging, organizing, packing, labeling and proper archival housing of to expand its records inventory. This RFP is intended to identify . The Department anticipates, but does not guarantee awarding multiple contracts to more than one, but not to exceed 2 qualified prime consultant firms as a result of this Request for Proposal.

Request for Proposal Due to Issuing Agency: June 8, PM Eastern Time The City’s current Auditors maintain the City’s fixed asset inventory The City reserves the right to request additional internal control test work as deemed necessary.

Request For Proposal. Request for Proposal. An Inventory Control System.

Request for proposal on inventory control system

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Request for Proposals Parts & Inventory Management System | The Philadelphia Parking Authority