How to write a newspaper article igcse

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How to write a newspaper article igcse

how to write a newspaper article igcse

Newspaper articles There are several different types of newspaper articles: News Reports - these are found at the front of a newspaper. They inform readers about things that are happening in the world or in the local area.

Feature articles - these explore the issues raised by news stories in more depth. For example, a report about young children left home alone could inspire a feature article on the difficulties of finding childcare providers in the local area.

A feature article tends to be more opinionated and less formal than a report, often taking a personal point of view. Columnists develop a style of their own — for example, polemical or sarcastic. They create this style through vocabulary choices and rhetorical devices.

They might use informal language to convey their idiolect. This individual style appeals to their audience. Tabloid and broadsheet newspapers The type of newspaper that publishes the article influences how it is written: If it is in a tabloid it will have shorter sentences and paragraphs and use more basic vocabulary — reports are sensationalised using emotive language and they may focus more on celebrities and gossip, eg The Sun and The Daily Mirror.

If it is in a broadsheet the sentences will be longer and more complicated, and the vocabulary will be more advanced.

The tone is more formal and serious as they focus on important national and international issues, eg The Times and The Telegraph. Some newspapers also have particular political points of view, which might affect how they report events in the news.


Example This is a news report from The Financial Times, which is a broadsheet paper. Only part of the report is printed here. It is about children in Singapore being the best in the world at maths.

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If you're asked to write an editorial, this is very different to a news report. Think Liz Jones' article 'Life is supposed to be hard even if you have 3 A*s' and you get the idea.

This isn't just giving the facts, but often persuading the reader in your presentation of them.

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