Has communism been good cuba

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Has communism been good cuba

It was a short book with the basic ideas of communism.

Has communism been good cuba

Most socialists and communists today still use this book to help them understand politics and economics. Many non-communists read it too, even if they do not agree with everything in it.

Karl Marx said that for society to change into a communist way of living, there would have to be a period of change. During this period, the workers would govern society.

Marx was very interested in the experience of the Paris Commune ofwhen the workers of Paris ran the city following the defeat of the French Army by the Prussian Army.

He thought that this practical experience was more important than the theoretical views of the various radical groups. Many groups and individuals liked Marx's ideas. By the beginning of the twentieth centurythere was a worldwide socialist movement called Social Democracy.


It was influenced by his ideas. They said that the workers in different countries had more in common with each other than the workers had in common with the bosses within their own countries. They got rid of the temporary government of Russia, which was formed after the February Revolution against the Tsar Emperor.

Friedrich Engels The Soviet Union was the first country claiming to have established a workers' state. In reality, the country never became communist in the way that Marx and Engels described.

During the 20th century, many people tried to establish workers' states. In the late s, China also had a revolution and created a new government with Mao Zedong as its leader. In the s, the island of Cuba had a revolution and created a new government with Fidel Castro as its leader.

At one time, there were many such countries, and it seemed as though communism would win. But communist party governments forgot to use democracy in their governments, a very important part of socialism and communism.

Because of this, the governments became separated from the people, making communism difficult. This also led to disagreements and splits between countries. By the s, one-third of the world had overthrown capitalism and were trying to build communism. Most of these countries followed the model of the Soviet Union.

Some followed the model of China. The other two-thirds of the world still lived in capitalism, and this led to a worldwide divide between capitalist countries and communist countries. This was called the " Cold War " because it was not fought with weapons or armiesbut competing ideas. However, this could have turned into a large war.

During the s, the United States and the Soviet Union were competing to have the biggest army and having the most dangerous weapons. This was called the "Arms Race". President Ronald Reagan called communism the " Ash heap of history ".

Sincewhen the Berlin Wall was torn down, most countries that used be communist have returned to capitalism. Communism now has much less influence around the world.

Inthe Soviet Union broke up. However, around a quarter of the world's people still live in states controlled by a communist party. Most of these people are in China.

There are also communist movements in Latin America and South Africa. Disputes[ change change source ] Many people have written their own ideas about communism. Vladimir Lenin of Russia thought that there had to be a group of hard-working revolutionaries called a vanguard to lead a socialist revolution worldwide and create a communist society everywhere.

Leon Trotskyalso from Russia, argued that socialism had to be internationaland it was not important to make it happen first in Russia.Dec 25,  · Cuba is a place that has a lot of natural sources, good weather and strategic location being it capitalist I think their economy will go up to the roof having all these business and starting owning property, tourist attractions etc.

not to mention that countries who use communism these days are mostly corrupted and dictated countries look at Status: Resolved.

It is no surprise that young people are enamored of communism. Their teachers have been indoctrinating them for years into the utopia of "social justice," "environmental justice," the "evil" middle class, and the spectacular equality for all as envisioned by Marx, Engels, and schwenkreis.comism is "cool" in the land where wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt is a hypocritical political statement made.

Communism in Cuba has at least remained true to its roots, imposing, for more than half a century, a juvenile notion of egalitarianism on the masses.

Rather than uplifting them, this has reinforced the lowest common denominator: Everyone is poor. Ironically, the urge to stop communism from spread did good, showing that communism, in fact, has done more good than bad in modern history. Of course, for the sake of this article, I chose the argument that most people would not agree with.

We are not talking about the expansionist communism of the s, s, s any longer, anywhere in the world." President Obama's handshake today with Cuba's communist leader, Raul Castro, made. Anti-communism has been a powerful force within American politics and culture for over years.

In their book The American Slave Coast, Ned and Constance Sublette date its inauguration to the.

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