Gangsta rappers nihilistic villains essay

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Gangsta rappers nihilistic villains essay

Sin City and the rise of the Graphic Novel adaptation. In That Yellow Bastard the protagonist is John Hartigan, a disillusioned but honest cop striving for justice in the face of adversity.

For the film industry, the adaptation of a comic book or a graphic novel may seem like an inviting prospect as a built in fan base and a guaranteed audience already exists. However, the genre of comic book literature appears to have the strongest enthusiasts, who to tend be protective over the original material.

For years both Miller, and his fans, having witnessed the less than successful adaptations that Hollywood had produced previously, opposed the idea of a Sin City film adaptation.

Gangsta rappers nihilistic villains essay

A fan of the graphic novel series wrote on the Sin City fan page, Blam: I hope they are unfounded. Movies always suck the soul out of comic books… Why throw this fabulous creation to the dogs?

Rodriguez produced a trial sequence, in order to prove to the author that a screen version of the comics could, in his hands, appear photographically authentic and hence persuaded the author to agree to a film adaptation.

Miller was insistent that Sin City would reflect the true nature of his work. Studios are often forced by the censors to tone down the bad language or sexual scenes in a film in order to receive a lower age rating and in turn increase audience capacity.

An adaptation, however, can never be an identical replica of its original source; the use of a different medium will inevitably create a different end product.

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When creating a film the shooting, the sound, the editing and the many other aspects of the creation are carried out by different teams, however, in graphic novels, the illustration and narration of the panels are composed simultaneously by one individual and hence the work on the page is influenced only by the author.

I intend to examine the difficulties faced by Rodriguez in translating the lexiovisual elements of a graphic novel into a format suitable for the screen. I will begin by considering the Neo-noir style that Rodriguez succeeds in creating in Sin City; accurately reflecting the style used by Miller himself in That Yellow Bastard.

In order to reproduce the monochrome spectrum used by Frank Miller on the page, Rodriguez shot Sin City with digital cameras, entirely in Chroma Key, a visual effects technique that involves photographing actors in front of a green screen, which can later be replaced by a background or setting.

In the opening scene the character of Hartigan is seen driving his car; the car appears to be stationary with a repetitive black and white projection as the background, giving the illusion of movement. The movement on screen is limited with long pauses which reinforce the static nature of the graphic novel; the moments of stillness replicate an image on a page.

The instants of motionlessness allow Rodriguez to highlight the nature of a character; the composition of the shot of Bob under the moon, replicates a panel in the novel.

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The use of a low camera angle and the way in which the body is consumed by darkness gives an indication of character and the only movement in this shot is the disturbing motion of his tie blowing in the wind. Rodriguez uses his monitor to frame the shot in exactly the way that it appears on the page and this shot is particularly effective as the angled illumination of the door and the exaggerated silhouette create a distinctive film noir composition of a female victim, which resonates with an audience.

As in the novel, in each scene the white tie of Hartigan is illuminated, indicating, in a traditional way, that he is the good guy. The Neo-noir style is fragmented by the introduction of the Yellow Bastard character; as in the book, he appears in yellow and the harsh contrast of this garish colour against the black and white backdrop reminds the audience that the film is an adaptation of a graphic novel; as the fictitious yellow skinned character shatters any element of realism.

Some critics believe, however, that the style used by Rodriguez to produce Sin City de-humanises the individuals, making it difficult to relate to the characters. New York Times film critic, Manohla Dargis argues that: Although Dargis is accurate in a literal sense, she appears to disregard the actual intention of Sin City, which is to ultimately discourage an emotional connection between the characters and the audience.

Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke and Jessica Alba are all known as caricatures of a certain type and in a Brechtian way, the on screen representation of the characters in Sin City, prevents the audience from forming an emotional bond.

In true comic book tradition the interest of the viewer is on the visuals and the action rather than character development. At no point does Rodriguez attempt to convince the viewer that the film is anything other than an adaptation of a graphic novel.

I will now consider the complexity involved in translating the actual narrative of That Yellow Bastard from one medium to another. One of the central features of a graphic novel is the juxtaposition of spoken and visual text, which, dependent upon placement, will alter the progress of the narrative.

It is a narrative that can only be comprehended if both written and visual elements are observed together. The layout of the page also creates movement and helps the reader to understand the characters emotion; when Hartigan in locked in the cell, the text boxes are scattered across the page, overlapping with one another, representing a chaotic state of mind that is spiralling out of control.

In contrast a film screen is occupied by photograms organized in a linear arrangement according to a customary screen set up.The Kurds [W]hen we refer to all Kurdish fighters synonymously, we simply blur the fact that they have very different politics right now, yes, the people are facing the Islamic State threat, so it’s very important to have a unified focus.

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During a day period in April, over , Tutsis and moderate Hutus were butchered in Rwanda. This essay will consider the part that the communications industry played in this crisis and consider the possibility that, the failure of the media to bring the attention of the world to the situation in Rwanda, contributed towards the genocide.

After his death in , author Ruth Plumly Thompson, illustrator John R. Neill (who had previously collaborated with Baum on his Oz books) and several other writers and artists continued the series.

There are now more than 50 novels based upon Baum’s saga. This politically charged album demands attention with its nihilistic punk rock attitude and its roaring guitar riffs.

This album brilliantly captures the band's youthful arrogance and the angst of the early 90s. SENTENCE, SENTIMENT "a stunning piece of visual poetry that will, hopefully, be remembered as one of the most important stories to be told in australia's film history.

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