Computer propostion

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Computer propostion

An Aristotelian proposition may take the form "All men are Computer propostion or "Socrates is a man. In the second example the subject is "Socrates", the predicate is "a man" and copula is "is". In this sense, propositions are "statements" that are truth-bearers.

This conception of a proposition was supported by the philosophical school of logical positivism. Some philosophers argue that some or all kinds of speech or actions besides the declarative ones also have propositional content.

For example, yes—no questions present propositions, being inquiries into the truth value of them. On the other hand, some signs can be declarative assertions of propositions without forming a sentence nor even being linguistic, e.

Propositions are also spoken of as the content of beliefs and similar intentional attitudes such as desires, preferences, and hopes.

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For example, "I desire that I have a new car," or "I wonder whether it will snow" or, whether it is the case that "it will snow". Desire, belief, and so on, are thus called propositional attitudes when they take this sort of content.

For instance, the proposition that two plus two equals four is distinct on a Russellian account from three plus three equals six.

If propositions are sets of possible worlds, however, then all mathematical truths and all other necessary truths are the same set the set of all possible worlds.


Propositional attitudes are simply attitudes characteristic of folk psychology belief, desire, etc. In English, propositions usually follow folk psychological attitudes by a "that clause" e.

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In philosophy of mind and psychologymental states are often taken to primarily consist in propositional attitudes. The propositions are usually said to be the "mental content" of the attitude. Philosophical debates surrounding propositions as they relate to propositional attitudes have also recently centered on whether they are internal or external to the agent or whether they are mind-dependent or mind-independent entities see the entry on internalism and externalism in philosophy of mind.

Treatment in logic[ edit ] As noted above, in Aristotelian logic a proposition is a particular kind of sentence, one which affirms or denies a predicate of a subject with the help of a copula. Aristotelian propositions take forms like "All men are mortal" and "Socrates is a man.

A formal language begins with different types of symbols. These types can include variablesoperatorsfunction symbolspredicate or relation symbolsquantifiersand propositional constants.

Computer propostion

Grouping symbols are often added for convenience in using the language but do not play a logical role.

Symbols are concatenated together according to recursive rules in order to construct strings to which truth-values will be assigned.Proposition definition, the act of offering or suggesting something to be considered, accepted, adopted, or done.

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Computer propostion

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