Cattery business plan example

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Cattery business plan example

It might not sound like it, but The Fat Slags is all about two heavily overweight women who nonetheless have sex several times a day, with a different cattery business plan example almost every time.

Many, many examples across all features of the magazine.

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Some of the best remembered examples include a strip about serial killers Harold Shipman and Fred West competing to be the first to murder a new neighbour; and a spoof advert for "Mummy, This Lemonade Tastes Funny! Rape, Female on Male: Has been known to happen to men who turn down one of the Fat Slags.

Blazing Inferno Hellfire Sauce: In a dark cupboard. Next to the pile cream. Norman the Doorman is such an extreme example that he refuses to let his wife enter their fridge. In the one-off strip Jason and the Lagernauts, the final enemy that the titular Lagernauts must face is a seven-headed bouncer, with each head shouting different stereotypical reasons for a bouncer to refuse entry to a nightclub.

The protagonists of both strips are smug, affluent cultural leftists with shallow, ignorant political views, who are actually huge social and intellectual snobs despite their professed ideals.

cattery business plan example

Baz's wife Thelma in "The Fat Slags" fits this trope in appearance at least. She's no intellectual, but she's much smarter than Sandra, and appears to have more common sense than Baz. Mind you, there are things growing on damp bread which are smarter than Sandra and Tracey put together Many, mostly Geordie, but also cockney, Essex, Glasgow, Yorkshire etc.

Several strips will add new characters who then never reappear.

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Examples include Spoilt Bastard's stepfather and stepsister see below as well as Biffa Bacon's new baby brother and Knacka the dog. Played with in that quite a few of his machines have a harmful mode that he's deliberately given them for no explicable reason, but to which the machine will inevitably be switched.

Sting and Bono are often ridiculed for being egotistical pretentious hypocrites who claim to help the poor whilst spending a lot of money on extravagant luxuries. In the s, Shakin Stevens was the Butt-Monkey but he is considered a 'has been' nowadays, he is usually brought up in articles when someone wants to milk their connection to a minor celebrity.

Morrissey is a more recent addition, joining Sting and Bono in a troika of celebrity bell-ends.

cattery business plan example

From on "Tony Parsehole" was joined by "Pierce Dorgan", a vicious parody of Piers Morgan whose obituaries for celebrities always rapidly devolve into transparently-false boasts about how close he was to the dead person and what great friends he is with other celebrities.

After Best's real-world death, the strip didn't appear for a while. It then came back as a full-page strip featuring a character who looked a lot less like Best, and whose zoophilia was clearly just the most obvious sign of his pathetic and frightening psychopathy.

Snodworthy from Tinribs, who can't seem to last a whole strip without being gruesomely disemboweled. Parodied in a Goldfish Boy strip, where a hotelier demands that the Reverend Brown, the strip's actual main character perform the last rites on a dying guest.

Brown points out that he's a Church of England priest and therefore has no idea how to do the Catholic last rites, but the hotelier is completely unable to grasp this point.

In one issue Sandra and Tracey after realising they had only one outfit eachdecide to go to a swishing party, where women meet up to exchange clothes as a way of getting different clothes and getting rid of their old ones in one go. However there were no other women as large as Sandra and Tracey, so they had to swap clothes with each other.

They then go and get new haircuts to go with their new clothes, and when they come out it looks like they've just swapped hairstyles as well. The artists have admitted that it has sometimes been difficult to tell Sandra and Tracey apart as they look so similar other than their hairstyles.

On at least one other occasion Sandra and Tracey were drawn wearing each other's outfits and it wasn't referred to in the strip, so the above example may well be a case of Lampshade Hanging. Sometimes Biffa Bacon's parents have swapped each others clothes and pretended they are each other just because they find it fun to screw with his mind.

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