Business plan for fashion truck

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Business plan for fashion truck

Contact How to start a Fashion Truck I get a lot of emails asking me how to start a fashion truck. We just found a truck, built out the inside, bought some inventory and launched it as fast as we could. We figured things out on the fly too. Insurance, payment processing, bank accounts, forming a LLC, social media accounts, websites, finding events to go, marketing, painting the truck, interior design of the truck, graphics, building steps, scheduling home parties and a couple of other dozen things.

And the permits and licenses required vary so much from city to city and place to place that we just dealt with them as they came up.

Permits and Licenses

Business Liability, Contents and Vehicle Insurance So for our business we have two different types of insurance. Actually three types of insurance. Our company is a LLC formed online through www.

So our LLC has business liability insurance. This is for someone who gets injured or hurt while shopping with us. And it protects other businesses that have you come to their place when you do a show there. Usually they have you add them to the additional insured section and then they are covered.

Then we have contents insurance. These policies are usually very inexpensive and just give you a piece of mind in a worse case scenario. Ours is actually rolled into our business liability policy so we only have to pay one policy for both coverages.

Finally we have vehicle insurance for the actual truck. This is a commercial auto policy and like regular car insurance. It covers us if we are in an accident or if something damages the truck. Better to get it covered in your insurance and hope that you never have to use it! Permits and Licenses Permits and licenses seem to hang people up the most.

And because of the newness of mobile boutiques the rules and information about them are spotty at best. Then you get on the cops or authorities radar and that could make things tough for you.

If you want to go to a downtown area then call the licensing office first and check to see if you can.


In the city of St. Paul there was no ordinance on books that would allow someone to sell merchandise from a vehicle in the downtown area. So I met with the business development council a couple of times and brought my truck down there for them to see it.

Surprisingly, they loved the idea and invited me back to help them answer questions so that they could draft an ordinance. They did and it passed the City Council vote !

business plan for fashion truck

Get the truck up and running as fast as possible and get customers as soon as possible and blow them away with your great products and service.

Get out there to festivals and events and schedule some home parties or private shopping parties. Go as fast as you can and make it happen.Search keywords "fashion truck" or "mobile boutique" or "mobile shop." You can hire a contractor or fabricator to do the build out for you.

The cost varies according to the materials you purchase and the hourly labor rate, but according to a national survey by the AMRA, the average cost is . Emily Benson, owner of The Fashion Truck mobile boutique in Boston, Mass., always wanted her own shop, but couldn't imagine investing in a brick-and-mortar space in an average location.

"I had seen food trucks in New York and I was like, 'Hey, if you can fit a whole kitchen in a truck, how easy would it be to put a store in a truck?' Benson says.

Emily Benson, owner of The Fashion Truck mobile boutique in Boston, Mass., always wanted her own shop, but couldn't imagine investing in a brick-and-mortar space in an average location.

Free --PLEASE_SELECT-- mobile fashion truck Sample Business Plan for mobile fashion truck - Business Plan # Co-owners Stacey Jischke-Steffe and Jeanine Romo have been in business for 5 1/2 years with their Los Angeles-based fashion truck, and knows what it takes to get started on a limited budget and a focus on do-it-yourself practices.

Learn more about planning a fashion truck pop-up schedule, including finding business partnerships. Inventory What are you planning to sell in your fashion truck?

Planning for and sourcing your inventory will be hugely important. Not all fashion trucks sell clothing — some sell housewares, beauty products, handmade items, even vinyl records.

How to start a Fashion Truck | How to start a mobile boutique