An overview of the rules of beer pong

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An overview of the rules of beer pong

An overview of the rules of beer pong

Starting formation is a "tight triangle" formation rims touchingpointing towards the opposing side. The cup triangle must be centered on the table and the back of the rack must be in line with the back edge of the table.

Content of Cups 3. Water is used in all cups. These water cups are not for consumption, and no person shall be required or encouraged to drink as a result of any part of the game. The cups are to be reused every round. Playing the Game 4.

Official Beer Pong Tournament Rules (WSOBP) | BPONG

The team with first possession will get one 1 shot. Each team will get two 2 shots for each turn thereafter, one shot per team member, subject to any other rules within. To determine who chooses shot vs.

An overview of the rules of beer pong

The ball in play may be grabbed or swatted after it has already made contact with a cup, but not while the ball is in the cup. You may not grab or swat before the ball has hit a cup except in the case of bounce shots, as permitted by the rules herein.

Beer Pong Rules - House/Party/College Rules | BPONG

In the event of player interference prior to the ball making contact with a cup, i. The shooter who had his or her shot interfered with may choose the cup to be removed.

Balls may not be interfered with while inside of a cup, i. Players are allowed to shoot via bounce. If a bounce shot is made, that cup will count for 2 cups.

The defensive team shall choose the second cup that is removed from the game. Bounce shots may be swatted after the ball has made contact with the table at least once. Players may also catch bounce shots instead of swatting. Any cups knocked over in an attempt to swat a bounce will count as made cups and will be pulled from the game.

Missed non-bounce shots that ricochet back off the table or any other object, after hitting a cup or rack, or any other object on the table will count as only 1 cup and not count as 2 cups. Declared Bounce Shot Exception: Bounce shots will only count as 1 cup for all players during that game.

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Beer Pong is generally played by teams of two in which each team takes turn throwing a table tennis ball into the other team’s cups.

Once a ball lands in a cup, the cup is taken away and the opponent then drinks the contents of the cup. Learn the Rules for 8-Ball Pool. If you walk into a bar or a pool hall and you see people playing pool, there’s a good chance they’re in the middle of a game of 8-ball.

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